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Visiting the Optician’s when poorly

With all the recent news headlines about Coronovirus and staying healthy, we are following the advice of our colleagues at NHS England.

If you are feeling unwell, for any reason, please give us a call and rebook your appointment for when you are feeling better.

If you have any of the signs/symptoms of coronavirus then please stay at home, call 111 who have a specialist team ready to answer your questions and concerns and who will give you the correct advice.

The link for the NHS advice is here :

The main piece of advice coming through is common sense – keep some tissues with you, and catch any coughs or colds in your tissues and bin them straight away. Also give your hands a good wash using soap and water or use hand sanitiser if out and about.

Avoid touching your face with your hands. And if you are concerned, stay home and call 111 for professional advice.

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