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This January lose some weight with thinner and lighter spectacle lenses

This January with our lens partner Essilor, we are offering all patients who chose a lens with Crizal coating an automatic free upgrade to a thinner and lighter spectacle lens.

Crizal lenses offer:

  • UV protection
  • Reduce glare
  • Durable and resistant to abrasions and scratches

lenses clear blanks

There are 3 levels of Crizal lenses available from:

  • The basic Easy Crizal
  • Crizal Forte which offers advanced UV protection
  • Top of the range Prevencia which blocks bad light and lets in the good.

UV light from the sun has been linked with cataracts and blue violet light has been found to be a contributing factor of damage of retinal cells.

For more details about any of our lenses please speak to a member of staff.

Benefits of thinner and lighter lenses:

  • Increased wearer comfort by reducing the overall weight and thickness of the lens this helps reduce leaving marks on the nose and discomfort behind the ears from heavy lenses.
  • The thinner lenses also look cosmetically better as well as improving the vision the flatter the lens decreases aberrations and helps achieve optimum vision.

thick lens

Essilor Bespoke Practice

At C&H we are proud to be an Essilor Bespoke practice – the only practices in South East London to hold this accolade.

We have invested in tailor made technology to offer our patients exceptional lenses which are unique and specially made to offer you optimum vision for all your daily visual needs.

The Visioffice lens measure is state of the art equipment which measures your spectacles in a new way making the final spectacle lens as unique as your fingerprint.

For information or a demonstration of how these lenses work please visit us at either practice so our knowledgeable staff can advise and guide you on the best lens options for your individual requirements.

Offer running from 1st January to the 31st January 2018.

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