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At Coton & Hamblin things are always changing so to keep our patients up to date with news, offers and how we are involved in community eye care we have these blogs, each covering a different aspect of eye care.

If you have any questions regarding eye care please email us at:

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All systems go!

Well, the major part of the refit has happened – the reception and dispensing areas have been ripped out and that area is now being prepared for new fixtures and fittings. The work out the back on the new testing … Continue reading

Blackheath closed – phone trouble

The phone line for Blackheath has been put on divert, but the major telecommunication company hasn’t got around to doing it yet – despite promising it would be done the same day! Hopefully all calls will be re-diverted to the … Continue reading

Blackheath now closed…

Blackheath shut up shop last night (Friday 11th Jan) and will be closed for approx 4-6weeks – watch this space. All staff, record cards, contact lenses and spectacles that needed collecting are now at the Woolwich practice which can be … Continue reading