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New Spectacle Offer with Essilor Crizal lenses

Starting on  Thursday 1st February we are super excited to start our new Spectacle Lens Campaign with Essilor Crizal lenses.

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Our fantastic offer is – purchase first pair of Essilor Crizal lenses and receive the second pair of Essilor Crizal lenses half price.  (Second pair to be purchased within 30days)

The lens choice is extensive – you can choose Varifocals, Distance, Near, Computer, Occupational, Transitions, Polarised, Tinted as long as they have the Crizal coating you can choose whatever lens combination you like!

Crizal Lenses.  Experience. Clear Vision

There are 3 types of Crizal lenses -each offering the wearer different benefits depending on their needs.

Clear vision is just the start.  You can do all your daily tasks knowing that your eyes are being protected from UV and light glare.

Essilor’s scientific engineering provides a lens which resists smudges, dust, scratches, glare and repels water.

Crizal Prevencia is a ground breaking technology which also provides the wearer protection against harmful blue violet light.

Please discuss with a member of staff who can advise you on the most suitable lens for your daily needs.

Lenses need a frame…

Lets not forget the frame – these fantastic lenses need to be housed in beautiful frames – we have a wide variety of frames to choose from and we have just ordered some new ranges from our recent visit to 100% Optical – a London tradeshow for Opticians.


Woow, Calvin Klein and Silhouette will be decorating our shelves soon.

Style Events

The weekends of the 2nd and 3rd February and 8th and 9th February we have William Morris Style events at Blackheath and Woolwich.  The complete up to date range of their frames will be on display. Plenty of choice and as a special offer the second pair of frames will be half price.


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