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Maui Jim Sunglasses

Coton & Hamblin stock Maui Jim sunglasses which are available in a wide range of styles and offer an unrivalled clarity of vision, greatly reducing glare and infusing the view with vivid colour and contrast, bringing colours alive.

SuperThin Glass 20% thinner and lighter than conventional laminated glass lenses offering superior optics, durability and scratch resistance without the weight (please note glass not available in prescription).

Polycarbonate Gives superb optical performance in a lightweight and impact resistant package, featuring Maui Jim’s CLEARSHELL® scratch resistant coating and patented lens treatment.

Maui Evolution®1.60 Harnesses the best properties of glass and polycarbonate lenses. Superior optics meets scratch and impact resistance.

In addition, MauiPassport digital lens designs offer an unmatched acuity across the lens with a wider field of view, further enhancing the visual experience.

More info at the Maui Jim website

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