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Gadgets at Coton & Hamblin

What are all these gadgets at Coton & Hamblin for???

Did you know that every eye is different, such as its shape, the way it moves, etc… and can differ from others by anything up to 30%? Just like you, your eyes are unique and they deserve to be treated as such. Before now lenses didn’t account for this, so when you looked through any area except the central part of your lens, you lost visual performance. Thanks to Eyecode, a new technology available from Essilor, you can benefit from a three-dimensional eye examination that considers how your eyes move. Now, wherever your eye moves, that section of the lens is individually optimised for them.

for taking personalised measurements for optimum vision

For taking personalised measurements for optimum vision


We use the Visioffice to take these measurements so you benefit from better lenses and increased clarity of vision.  At Coton & Hamblin we want to offer you the best eye exam we can and then the best vision possible from your spectacles.


We can use the Visioffice to measure for single vision, occupational lenses and all any distance lenses like the S4D.

Varilux S4D –

The ultimate personalized lens of Varilux S series

Unlimited reflex vision

Varilux S 4D is the ultimate personalized lens with 15 parameters quickly measured through the specific Visioffice. By integrating the exclusive parameter of the sighting dominant eye, Varilux S 4D gives you access to a faster vision experience.

The Dominant Eye

A revolution in personalized lenses

Similar to how you are left handed or right handed your vision is also dominated by one eye: the dominant eye. For the first time, Varilux S 4D takes into account the dominant eye thanks to the 4D Technology. By measuring the dominant eye, your reaction time is improved.

3 exclusive revolutions inside

Varilux S 4D is a revolution in personalised lenses based on 3 exclusive technologies

  • Nanoptix™ – no ‘swim’ effect (where peripheral vision can be slightly altered by the changes that occur at the edge of progressive lenses.)
  • SynchronEyes™ – clearer vision from left to right and top to bottom.
  • 4D Technology™ – instant focus as your eyes move around.
The Ultimate in personalised vision

The Ultimate in personalised vision

The Nautilus – another gadget – what does it do?

Well, we’ve had them for nearly a year, but I have just got around to writing about this fabulous new bit of kit that helps show patients what we are talking about.  It’s all very well saying in the testing room – I recommend some new any distance lenses which enable you to see any distance with just one pair of specs – then the dispenser starts talking about this lens design or this – it’s all a bit gobbledegook, so Essilor (the company who make all these spectacular lenses) have created the Nautilus.

The Nautilus is a virtual reality system which shows the wearer different lenses and allows you to do a comparison to ensure you choose the right product that suits your lifestyle.


Nautilus virtual reality headset

Nautilus virtual reality headset

For example, it can show the difference between a tinted lens and a polarised lens.  Without seeing the benefit of a polarised lens, it can be tricky to explain and describe the benefits of the polarised lens.

Here is a video showing the Nautilus in action and this another clip with a talking demonstration from Linda who is our area manager and she’s explaining Varifocals (which we call any distance or all distance lenses as quite simply – that’s what they do!)

If you have any questions about the Nautilus or using the Visioffice and would like a demonstration please contact either practice to speak with a member of staff and pop in for a demonstration.

We hope to see you soon


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