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Spectacle Lenses

At Coton & Hamblin, our state of the art Essilor Visioffice unit enables us to demonstrate the benefits of personalised lens solutions like never before.

Spectacle lens technology is a rapidly increasing area with constant developments. There are improvements in the optics – making the vision clearer and sharper. Advancements in lens material has created thinner and lighter lenses – as well as improving the cosmetic appearance they are also more comfortable.

All lenses are made to your individual prescription and there are many options to enhance your visual needs. Lenses can be coated to help prevent scratches, to reduce glare and the newest technology has a specific filter which targets harmful blue UV light from modern gadgets such as computers. This is particularly useful for protecting the eyes of children who are increasingly using these devices for long periods of time on a daily basis. For more info visit our News section.

Whatever your visual needs we have a lens to suit your lifestyle.

More info at the Essilor website