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Contact Lens News Articles

Don’t want to wear reading glasses on a night out?

Tired of needing longer arms to read the paper? Want to be free of needing spectacles for checking prices when shopping? Don’t despair – multifocal contact lenses allow you to have distance, intermediate and near vision all within one lens. … Continue reading

New type of contact lenses

In the last few months we have started fitting a new type of contact lens.  Its called a Hybrid as it encorporates the best optical quality vision of a hard lens (RGP) with the comfort of a soft lens.  These remarkable … Continue reading

Contact Lens Direct Debit Plan

Our contact lens direct debit offers the following benefits: Contact Lenses Contact Lens Solutions Annual eye examination Contact lens check ups Free emergency appointments Optomap Retinal Image OCT – 3D scans 25% off frames and lenses 25% of sunglasses Option … Continue reading